Tangshan City Straw Comprehensive Utilization Technology And Equipment Engineering Technology Researching Center (Hereinafter Engineering Technology Center), is the important part of our companys technology innovation plan, also is a important part of researching and utilization of new energy. Under the guide of innovation and industrialization policy, Engineering Technology Center is exploring new way for combining technology with economy, to promote technology result to transfer to productivity, continuously promote science and industrialization and enterprise scale. Engineering Technology Center always practice the view of scientific development, to active explore the new way of biomass energy utilization, continuously promote engineering result transfer to concerning industry, to promote new energy industry and new style agriculture to faster develop. Our company has advanced domestic science & technology and high-tech talents, under the supporting of large amount money,successful complete the engineering research development of comprehensive utilization project of biochar - biogas - wood tar - fertilizer- power cogeneration by using biomass straw and so on, we will popularize our Centers scientific researching products, make the biomass energy industry be Mechanization, industrialization, development scale, and will up to advanced international level.