In today’s world, energy short and environment pollution has become a very important problem of effecting people’s sustainable development. Take the new energy as mark, take green, intelligence, development as target, this way of energy development becomes an irreversible diachronic tide.

Technology improvement and innovation has become a decision factor of new energy development way transformation, through many years, our company focuses on technology development and promotion, broke through the core technology of comprehensive utilization of agriculture and forest wastes, formed the strategic development enterprise that has advantage extremely.

Our company cultivates talents with an open mind, seeks development with innovation spirit, gathers resources with leapfrogging mode, cooperates win-win with concept of harmony, operate large enterprise of making the people sustainable development historical revolution, meet the global new energy development situation.

With many years growing up quickly, our company is in new leading point. To face to global new development opportunity, our company must rely on global advanced technology superiority, depends on senior technology talents and scientific management mode to improve innovation power, to build a sustainable development green environment protection space, make the Earth and people’s future to be better.

   Our company willing to cooperate with other organization or company, to attend and witness the rise of China and global biomass comprehensive utilization industry. We will build our company to become a promoting enterprise of international famous biomass comprehensive utilization researching and using, to contribute to China and global new energy sustainable development.